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Boycott Proctor and Gamble

This whole issue is sad.

Libertarian Girl wonders about the morality of the recently-announced acquisition of Gillette by Proctor and Gamble:
This big deal raises two questions. (1) Is the deal good for shareholders? (2) Is the deal good for society?

I couldn't exactly make out what her answer to (1) is, but she answers (2) in surprisingly leftish fashion:
The theoretical synergy behind the deal is to increase the combined company's bargaining power with respect to its customers. This is a motivation that's not in the best interests of society because it's merely a zero sum game. The new company wins at the expense of its customers ... Society is harmed.

Wow! Maybe Lib Girl is coming around! Unless, that is, she's already "been around", as the Salty Pig declares, calling her "a numbskull who espouses shallow, leftist dogma under a libertarian umbrella". Salty pig does, however, seem to have a soft spot for Lib Girl:
i confess to being fascinated by "Libertarian Girl" ... she's very cute. gorgeous, full lips. nice face and eyes. looks fit.

Being a piece of sculpture, and not a horny (nor salty) pig, I do not have similar lustful urges towards Libertarian Girl. I have no biological urges whatsoever. But I must confess, it is more difficult for me to work up a good fit of hatred toward her like I used to. To paraphrase Johnny Depp, she is kind of like a dumb puppy. Every once in a while, you have to smack her in the nose with a rolled-up magazine, but you do it without heat, and even with maybe a bit of affection.

Anyway, she might be right about the P & G buyout of Gillette. My concerns with this move lie in a different area. Gillette, finally, under pressure from animal-rights organizations, had stopped doing animal testing. P & G, however, is one of the worst offenders in this area. Truly an evil company. So add Gillette back to the list of products not to buy.

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