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A conservative philosopher is no philosopher at all

Analphilosopher has created a new team-blog called The Conservative Philosopher.

Do I need to pause to let the lunacy of that phrase sink in?

No conservative is a true philosopher.

Conservatism stands for everything that philosophy (and art, for that matter) should stand against.

The Philosopher questions and disobeys authority; the Conservative respects the right of those in charge to tell him what to do.

The Philosopher believes in the urgent necessity of radical reform; the Conservative is more or less happy with the way things are going.

The Philosopher believes it his duty to think critically and rationally about all matters; the Conservative prefers to defer to authority, tradition, or prejudice.

The Philosopher wants to educate and improve the lot of all humanity; the Conservative wishes to confine the spoils of civilization to the realm of a privileged elite.

The Philosopher views the State, if legitimate at all, as the servant of the people; the Conservative sees the State as master.

The Philosopher abhors war; the Conservative revels in it.

This new blog is an insult to all those who love philosophy and do not wish to see its honorable name besmirched by association with quasi-fascists that constitute the Conservative Right.

Conservatism is the worst kind of stupidity--the kind that embraces and celebrates its own stupidness. How dare they try to pass their foolishness off as genuine philosophy?

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