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Damn nice conservatives

Why is it that every time I actually engage in a conversation with a conservative, he/she always ends up coming across as a pretty decent person? Don't they realize that this inhibits my attempts to demonize them?

Earlier, I accused Anal /Conservative Philosopher Keith Burgess-Jackson of being high from smoking some sort of drug, and of being an asshole for putting his degrees (J.D., Ph.D.) after his name.

Then, I go and comment on the post in question, and the guy actually ends up being polite and reasonable! The bastard.

So I guess I have to take back what I said. He's probably not high, or at least not on crack or anything like that (I mean, for all I know he could be toking some ganj, but that's nothing to be ashamed of), and I guess he's not an asshole either.

Dammit! I'm losing my edge.

If this keeps up, I don't know how I will sustain the heretofore shrill, hysterical tone of this blog.

I still think it's kinda pretentious to put your degree letters after your name, though. Although, I guess if you spend God knows how many years (and/or how much money) getting those degrees, you might be warranted in wanting to show them off.

Shit! I must stop all this ... civility, before it's too late.

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