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Flag shenanigans

David takes issue with my use of an upside-down flag icon:

Sigh. Not that it matters to you one iota, but I am forced to delink you for this insulting flag post.

I served my country for too long to see ignorant people use our symbol of liberty to show displeasure with the legitimate election of a President. It only tells me you have no idea what REAL distress is.

It is your right to do so, of course, but just because one has the right to do something does not mean one should do it

Was the use of an upside-down flag image insulting? I assume that everyone knows by now that turning the flag upside down is supposed to be a symbol of distress or state of emergency (at first I wasn't sure whether this was actually the tradition or whether it was something of an urban myth; the best I can tell, it is in fact true. If anyone knows anything different, please let me know). I also assume that David's use of the word "distress" in his comment indicates that he also knows the meaning behind the image.

I understand that some might disagree over whether or not the inauguration of George W. Bush is a reason for extreme distress. But I'm a little unclear as to why the use of the upside-down flag symbol to express this distress is supposed to be insulting or offensive, since this is a legitimate use of the flag. You might disagree with me over the factual claim that another four years of GWB is a reason to be distressed, but why take offensive at this particular mode of expressing it?

I understand that many find it offensive when someone burns or otherwise desecrates an American flag. But the message of that act is completely different than that of mine. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I completely wrongheaded here?

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