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Fuck Off Gay Patriot!

Blogger Gay Patriot rants about a protester at Bush's inauguration who brandished a sign reading "FUCK OFF BUSH", who he claims is a symbol of "the inexcusable ignorance and hatred of the angry left":
DATELINE -- (Washington, DC, January 20, 2005) The picture below was taken last night on the corner of 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue at about 5:30PM. The man was standing alone on the empty and barricaded 14th Street and was shouting at passers-by headed to Inaugural parties. A couple people, including a woman, walked out into the street and were talking with him as he paraded his sign. Two men walking down the sidewalk seen in the background of the photo made a comment (not in an angry or loud voice) at the man.

The man suddenly became enraged and started lunging at them and trying to hit them with his big sign made of wood. The woman who was close to him reached out and said something like "don't do this." The Angry Ignorant Sign Man took a swing at the woman and she fell to the ground.


So, the moral of the story? What exactly did this Angry Bush-hating Man set out to accomplish? Because I'm at a total loss as to the purpose. The words on his sign alone, much less his actions, were enough to spark violence. Had there been a larger crowd, I think things would have gotten out of hand. All this man had to offer was hate, anger, an vitriol. No ideas on what he is for or what he is against. And surely no "Red Stater" was going to think... "gee, he's right, now don't I feel stupid."


But I can tell you what he is. A symbol of the soul of Democratic Party of 2005. They do not know how to fight a War on Terror. They do not know how to handle the fact that they are on the wrong side of freedom. So they have turned that confusion into hatred and ignorance -- the only thing they have shown they are capable of being "for."

This is where we are, friends. Having been driven to the brink of insanity by the actions of the Bush administration and the legions of de facto fascists whose support they rely on, they --the ones who have done this to us-- are blaming us for acting out from desperation and confusion.

What did the Angry Bush-Hating Man set out to accomplish? Who knows? Perhaps he doesn't even know. Since when did a clear idea of what one is setting out to accomplish become a prerequisite for acting? Should Angry Bush-Hating Man have just stayed home and sat on the couch? Isn't some action better than none in these desperate times?

Is there something wrong with Angry Bush-Hating Man expressing his "hate, anger, and vitriol" at an administration that has been doing its best over the last four years to plunge the world into an abyss of fear and insanity?

We've tried being sane, calm, rational, and it hasn't worked; the forces of paranoia and hatred have won out. And now you criticize us for being on the verge of madness? You have pushed us there.

A commenter on GP's blog says:

This guy sounds like a fringe nutcase - not representing anyone except himself.

Always remember: in a world dominated by absurdity, the sane person will always be scorned as a madman. Angry Bush-Hating Man may represent only himself, but I for one commend him for this. All of us, ultimately, represent only ourselves. I, Angry Bush-Hating Man, and many others, find in ourselves a horror at the fact that so many feel no similar horror.

What, Gay Patriot, is the proper way of expressing this?



Dadahead has spoken.

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