Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.


In case you were wondering...

...whether conservatism really is an insane ideology, see this interview with one of the Conservative Philosophers, Roger Scruton.

Scruton says that "liberals have this reputation for being nice and conservatives for being nasty." He is asked by the interviewer:

Isn't that a terrible PR problem? The liberals own the good intentions.

His response:

The fact is if you really want to think in terms of good intentions, Lenin and Hitler and Mao had thousands of them.


The interviewer asks:

Are you in favor of censorship?

Scruton replies:

Yes, I am in favor of censorship, but it has to be conducted by people like me. ... I'm in favor of encouraging every possible form of self-restraint and parental control. And I certainly don't think that pornography should be protected under the American Constitution. ... I'm in favor of severe measures.

Asked why he doesn't consider himself a libertarian, Scruton says:

because a libertarian is someone who thinks that the mere fact that someone desires something is enough to give him a right to pursue it, provided he isn't interfering with other people's rights. And I don't agree with that. I think that, about most things that matter, our desires are fundamentally in need of emendation.


Sex is an obvious example. I'm a believer in fidelity and marriage and all those things. My life hasn't been exemplary in that respect any more than anyone else's. But I certainly don't think the libertarian approach -- that whatever people want they should have -- is right. Drugs likewise.

His opinion on homosexuality?

I'm all in favor of the old-fashioned approach, that you don't talk about this, decency forbids, and you don't proselytize this as an alternative on a par with marriage and child-rearing and all the rest. Apart from that, I think it would be a total mistake to think that homosexual desire is the same kind of thing as heterosexual desire.

Sick stuff. If this is contemporary "philosophical" conservatism, we should pray that this ideological virus doesn't spread too far.

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