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Is dadahead a misogynist?

Regarding my earlier post on Peggy Noonan, Stacy writes:
There are so many ways (and reasons) to bash on Peggy Noonan (and LG, for that matter, though she is far, far less important). Stooping to calling someone a cunt is not only intellectually evasive (it tells me nothing about why you revile her), but its abuses something that she can't change and has no control over - her gender - instead of focusing on what she can do.

The post was supposed to be about someone else thinking with his penis, but your post made it seem like that someone was you.
Point taken. I in no way intended my remarks to be a slam on Ms. Noonan's gender.

When I use the word "cunt", I generally do not do so with someone's gender in mind. I often refer to men as cunts as well. In fact, here is a list of male cunts:

Bill O'Reilly
Salvador Dali
Antonin Scalia
Jonathan Safran Foer
Christopher Hitchens

and possibly:

Ann Coulter (gender status undetermined)

(note: list is decidedly not comprehensive.)

However, Stacy makes a very good point. I do not in any way wish to be associated with those who would relegate women to the status of second-class citizen. Thus in the future I will make it a point to avoid the kind of language that might give that impression, and apologize to all who were offended.

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