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Maybe right-wingers aren't all bad

Finally, a right-wing idea I can get on board with. From Max at In Hoc Signo Vinces:

Handguns -- don't tend your store without one

Handguns continue to even the odds. Earlier this month you read about Ngoc Le, the Camden shopkeeper who gunned down a local rapist who was accosting his wife. This week, citizens in Georgia and Texas used their guns to defend themselves and get more scumbags off the street.

Yes, people! Arm yourselves! Be ready to defend yourself and your family. Don't count on someone else to do it, because no one will.

Well, you can always call the police. They'll do a good job cleaning your brains off the floor.

Or, you can just shoot the bastard in the head. Bang! -- one less lowlife! And a fucking cool story to tell the grandkids.

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