Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.



Every right-winger's masturbation fantasy, Libertarian Girl, offers her thoughts on dada:
Dadaism and modern art are leftist movements based on the left's hatred of achievement and Western culture.

So dada held a mirror up to the world, and the world was repulsed by what they saw, and we who held the mirror were called disgusting; we who held the mirror were scorned for creating such ugliness!

Libertarian girl says we hate the achievements of Western culture, examples of which include:

  • a war that ended all wars

  • a surge in patriotism

  • another war after the one that ended all wars

  • various social advancements

and many, many others in which Libertarian Girl and her comrades take such pride.


What was the Enlightenment? The awakening of man's inner light of reason? A lie? A delusion? A fig leaf to cover the true base nature of humanity?

The twentieth century had its answer, as did dada.

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