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The state of the blogosphere

First of all, my apologies for using the word "blogosphere".

I have noticed that not all bloggers represent the non-deranged portion of humanity, a.k.a. the reality-based community. This goes for bloggers prominent and not so prominent.

Recently I stumbled upon a blog by someone who calls herself "Libertarian Girl" that is a prime example of the out-of-touch-with-reality contingent. For example, contemplating the new SAT essays, she makes the following idiotic statement:
The wonderful thing about the SAT is how accurately it measures a person's ability
I made this point in her comments section, but it is worth making again. The SAT measures nothing except for how well one does on the SAT. If you find that particular measurement useful, so be it. But let us not pretend that the SAT is actually a measure of "intelligence". There is no such thing as a measurable trait called "intelligence" that can be measured by any tests, including the SAT and the IQ.

Another commenter, responded:
There's actually tons of evidence that such a thing as general intelligence exists. Look up "g theory".
WRONG. So-called g theory is now all but completely discredited. No one has ever been able to specify what exactly the supposed "g factor" actually is, and have just asserted that it is whatever is measured by IQ tests.

No respectable cognitive psychologist makes the claim that he or she has discovered some trait called "intelligence" in the human mind-brain that can be measured via standardized test.

The search for the g factor is in fact hopeless, because the word/concept "intelligence" is not a scientific concept or term, but an everyday / ordinary-language one. There is no more reason to invoke the concept of intelligence in science than there is to invoke the concept of love, or communication, or desire.

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