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American Idiots

Somebody at The American Patriots site (which at the top of the home page features pictures of Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and Dubya, all with some weird holy glow around them) thinks Howard Dean has "put his foot in his mouth":

Howard Dean claims he hates Republicans and everything we stand for. If you take him at his word you must believe that he hates things like patriotism, loyalty, freedom of worship, strong national security, supporting out men and women in the military and countless other issues that are important to all Americans.

Beg the question much, asshole?

The GOP doesn't stand for any of those things, with the possible exception of "loyalty," which can hardly be considered a virtue until you specify what it is you're loyal to.

And Dean knows it. He knows the difference between rhetoric and reality.

Yes, Republicans say they support patriotism. But such a thing should be judged by deeds, not words, and anyone with eyes can see that the GOP acts like it doesn't give two shits about the country, about its reputation, about its environmental health, and especially about the welfare of its citizens -- at least, the ones who aren't millionaires.

Strong national security? I don't think so. A brutal and aggressive war machine is not the same think as protecting the American people. In fact, our country is less safe as a result of the war in Iraq, which even the government admits. And the Bush administration has almost totally ignored homeland security and the changes recommended by the 9/11 commission.

Supporting our men and women in the military? How, by trying to deny compensation to soldiers who were tortured during the first Gulf War? By sending them into battle without the proper armor for their bodies and vehicles?

The Republican Party stands for nothing but its own interests. That is what Dean hates, and rightly so.

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