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Britney Spears Naked


Okay, not really. But The Calico Cat says that writing about Britney Spears is a good way to get more hits on your blog, because when people google "Britney Spears Naked Pics", will come up.

I'm not sure why I want the extra hits, exactly. I kind of want to see if Calico Cat is right.

The Calico Cat posts comes via Libertarian Girl, who has an interesting post about site meter, the website (software?) that can keep track of how many hits yer blog gets, where they come from, etc. Sitemeter lets you decide whether or not to open up the stats for your blog so that all can see them, or whether to keep them private, so only you, the blogger, can see them.

Lib Girl does not like when other bloggers choose the latter option. She finds the information useful, and I think she has a point:

If you're interested in increasing your blog's influence, then examining from where your blog and other blogs get their traffic will help you to better understand the process. Which is why it's annoying when other blogs don't have Sitemeters.

She is also refreshingly honest in admitting that she does, in fact, care about her stats:

I am not ashamed to say that I do care if people are reading my blog. If you don't care about having any sort of influence, why bother to have a blog at all? You could just write stuff and save it on your computer. It would be easier and you could save yourelf the expense of paying $90/year for Typepad.

(By the way, about yours truly Lib Girl writes: " I even appreciate the people who write about how stupid I am, like dadahead. I know that I've at least helped to provide them with some sort of entertainment."

But see, I said something nice about you just above! And if that's not enough, how about this: Libertarian Girl is a sweet and lovely person who has many provocative things to say and is not in the habit of dining on live puppies as are some other libertarian bloggers whose names will go unmentioned (*cough*instapundit*cough*).

When I write about how stupid you are, it is only for your own good! It hurts me more than it hurts you! You have to learn somehow.)

Anywho, the point is that I've decided to go ahead and open my sitemeter stats up to public scrutiny. Then we can see together how many of my hits will come from google searches for naked Britney pics.

If that works, maybe I will start titling every post this way: Anna Kournikova naked, Paris Hilton Sexy sex sex, and so on.

Then again, I don't necessarily want a bunch of perverts hanging out here either.

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