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Class warfare

Dwight at Wampum (via the Daou Report) has some good advice for Democrats:

It seems that Democrats could benefit from being the party of reform and standing for justice, equality, and fairness.

In order to benefit, Democrats need to use examples of unfairness and injustice that actually touch the lives of many ordinary Americans. They need real world examples of how the deck is stacked in favor of the rich, political connected powerful interests and against the ordinary American. It should not be too hard to find such examples.

I think his advice is right on target, but I would recommend taking it even further. If the Democrats want to win back the congress and the presidency, they should become the party of class warfare.

Of course, they shouldn't put it like that--but they shouldn't shy away from the label, either. Republicans would have you believe that the American people abhor 'class warfare,' and Democrats for the last decade and a half have bought that bullshit hook, line, and sinker. Smart GOPers know that they ought to be scared shitless of a Democratic presidential candidate who was truly committed to standing up for the less powerful.

It is key, though, that they find a candidate who can credibly sell this message. When Al Gore tried out the "people versus the powerful" theme, it flopped, but not because there was anything wrong with the idea. Al Gore was just not the right bearer of that particular message. John Edwards, perhaps, could pull it off. I don't know.

The GOP has somehow managed to pull off the trick of convincing a large percentage of the US public that they are the party of the underdog, and the Democrats are the party of the elites--this from a party that controls all three branches of government. If Dems want to disabuse people of this nonsense--and they definitely need to--they need to stop shying away from pointing out the unresponsiveness of the Bush administration and the Republican congress to those who have found themselves on the wrong end of amoral corporate policy.

The Republicans will accuse Democrats of waging class warfare; let them. Shake your head and say that, regretfully, they are right: we are fighting a class war.

But it is not a war that we started.

There is a class war going on, a war declared on average Americans by multinational corporations and their errand boys in the GOP.

We didn't start this war, but we will fight it; we will defend ordinary people, and we will do it without shame.


How 'bout it Dems? There's a class war on. The Republicans have chosen their side. Where do your loyalties lie?

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