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Dean v. Perle

Josh Narins says that Howard Dean is supposed to be debating "Richard Lying-Gasbag Perle" (in Josh's words) on CSPAN saturday.

Also, he mentions something that I did not know: that in the 1980s Perle was debated by none other than Noam Chomsky, also known as the world's greatest living philosopher. And the audio is on the web.

UPDATE: Okay, apparently this already happened, but it will be aired on CSPAN Saturday. And apparently someone threw a shoe at Perle and screamed "motherfucking liar!". I couldn't agree more.

Also, I was listening to the Chomsky/Perle debate (also originally on CSPAN) and I found out that Perle was "working on a novel" at the time. I don't know whatever happened to that.

Also, Chomsky (predictably) kicked Perle's ass up and down the floor.

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