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Another reprehensible post from one of the Conservative Philosophers (sic). Jean-Pierre Schachter , in a bizarre rant about leftists "assimilating moral to causal responsibility", attributes the following beliefs to the left:
When the U.S. commits acts that putatively lead to terrorist consequences, the U.S. is morally responsible (because causal responsibility is identical to moral responsibility), but when terrorists commit murderous acts, they are not morally responsible (because they are in the grip of causal determination).
A prime example of this kind of argument is that the victims of 9/11 "deserved" their fate because of prior U.S. involvements of various kinds on the international scene, but it is far from the only one.

As is usually the case with these kinds of claims, no examples whatsoever are given of leftists who argue that terrorists are not morally responsible for their acts, or that 9/11 victims deserved what happened to them.

There are plenty of prominent leftists out there that you could quote, Jean-Pierre. Has Noam Chomsky ever said this? Has Michael Moore?

If you're going to attribute such views to "the Left", you damn well better be able to back your shit up, wanker.

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