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Ditching Haloscan

I originally decided to use Haloscan because of the trackback feature, which Blogger doesn't offer. But as Neil the Werewolf pointed out, the character limit on comments that is imposed by Haloscan is ridiculous.

What I cannot figure out, though, is how to do this. That is, I can't figure out how to both ditch Haloscan but also replace it with the Blogger commenting system. I've tried just removing the Haloscan code, which works, but then my posts have no commenting at all.

Any help would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: Okay, I think I've got it basically sorted out now. I'm still working out a few bugs but it would appear the Blogger commenting is now working.

... that should just about do it. I've manually saved most of the old haloscan comments, so if anyone for any reason wants to see them, let me know. Other than that, everything should be A-OK, assuming the new Blogger commenting system works okay.

HaloScan comments for this post here.

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