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Do the idiots at PoliPundit even know what racism means?

Apparently not.

Jayson at PoliPundit tells us of a recent scenario that played out in Washington the other day:

In a meeting with members of the party’s African-American caucus, Senator Lott looked around the room and asked whether anyone thought the Democratic National Committee could get so many minorities together in one place.

“Only if they had the hotel staff in there,” Senator Lott said, answering his own question.

Jayson's reaction?

Implying that the “hotel staff” must have consisted of African-Americans. Hell, that’s pure, unadulterated racism, correct?

Uh, why do you ask?

Only I substituted “Democratic” for “Republican” and “Senator Lott” for ... Howard Dean, who actually uttered those words.

Ahh, you sneaky bastard! What a clever little tricky-poo you just played! Let me guess: this demonstrates the hypocrisy of the left, correct? And in one little anecdote! You're good.

Although when you said "the party’s African-American caucus," I knew you weren't talking about the GOP.

And, the whole point of Dean's joke was to point out the racism of the Republicans. His point was that at a meeting of GOPers, the only African-Americans you would be likely to find would be serving the rich bastards, because they sure as hell wouldn't actually be attending the meeting.

(Yes, I'm aware there's a handful of black Republicans. He was exagerating. It's called a joke.)

So, actually, Jayson, your little story doesn't demonstrate shit.


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