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Ejaculation: the silent holocaust?

If there was any doubt about the real agenda of the anti-choice movement, this should dispel it. At The American Street you can read about how the fundies have taken the next logical step: looking to prohibit birth control in general:

What is stunning about all this is the growing condemnation of, not just abortion,but birth control itself. The anti-choice movement keeps re-drawing the lines where personhood begins so that, for some, even a freshly fertilized egg less than an hour old becomes the moral equivalent of a 5 year old child.

For example, this quote comes from the "American Life League":

Furthermore, all contraception (even those contraceptives that do not kill embryonic persons) is, in and of itself, a grave moral evil that civil authority should notpromote in any way.

(I especially like the bit about "embryonic persons," which is a completely incoherent concept. Next thing you know they'll be talking about "seminal persons" and "ovarian persons." Soon, "spilling your seed" will be tantamount to mass murder.)

Apparently this is all part of a larger ideology that abhors childlessness in general. Again from The American Street:

But not only is the concept of limiting, even outlawing, birth control, becoming more mainstream as the anti-choice movement gains momentum, but joining it now we see “Pro-Natalism” ... More and more, the childless (or parents of only children)are being beseiged and put on the defensive for making choices that are nobody’s -- let me repeat that -- nobody’s damned business. The theology of Christian fundamentalism is being used to give moral weight to the coercion of people who prefer to remain that way, and to restrict this most fundamental and private right, the right to choose ... to reproduce.

What's clear is that anti-choicers are showing their true colors, namely an adherence to an ideology that condemns any sexual activity that doesn't take placein the context of a heterosexual marriage. This has nothing to do with stopping abortion and everything to do with punishing women who dare to step out of line. And make no mistake: this theocrats want their religious beliefs to become the law of the land. Remind you of anyone?

Check out the rest; it's definitely worth a read.

And welcome to Dubya's America.

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