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Get yer gun

Sometimes I get tired of stabbing myself in the eye with a dirty fork, and I take a little trip over to good ol' Instapundit's site. That's where I learned that you can buy targets for shooting practice that have Osama bin Laden's picture on them. One of Insta's readers even sent in a picture of their Osama target, slightly used, ha ha:

You can even buy them at Amazon, where a customer by the name of Ron Nord provides a handy review of the product:

It worked OK for my hand guns but was a little small for my daughter's bazooka. Could you make 'Super Beards' head just a little bigger and make a provision for an exploding balloon full of red paint for realism? Do they make this target as a road side type like the old Burma Shave signs, would be fun to do drive by's on the jerk while going to work in the morning.


This got me to thinking, though. Why Osama bin Laden? Even our president says that Osama's not our biggest concern. So I made up some new targets and passed them out to my gun-loving friends, so they could take a few shots at the truly dangerous folks out there. And now, dear readers, I'd like to share with you the 'results', heh heh:

and, most importantly:

Pretty cool, huh?

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