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I don't know what's worse

The fact that only 60% of the American public thinks the country is "ready" for a female president, or the fact that this is being reported as a surprisingly large number.

The presidential election is a little less than four years out. But the possibility of a woman candidate is generating quiet a buzz.

A new poll shows that America may be ready for a woman president. Some say it's about time because America is behind other countries when it comes to women leaders.

More than six in 10 voters say they believe the United States is ready for a female president, a poll found.

"There's definitely a chance a woman president is possible," college student Nathaniel Jenkins said.

... In a nationwide Siena College poll, 53 percent of Americans say Sen. Hillary Clinton should run, while 42 percent want Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to run. They also mentioned senators Elizabeth Dole and Barbara Boxer as possible candidates for the White House.

Well, at least there's definitely a chance that it's possible.

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