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I suck

And so do all my fellow lefty bloggers, according to the scourge, who asks the rhetorical question: "Why do lefty blogs suck so hard?"

Left-leaning political blogs suck, big time. They’re shrill, they’re mostly indistinguishable, and you can scan a few headlines over your morning cup of coffee and forecast the sources of the day’s liberal blog outrage with near-perfect accuracy. Although there are some standouts, like Joshua Micah Marshall’s sober and concise Talking Points Memo, the average liberal blog is a poorly-worded, hastily thought-out mess. The outrage is unfocused. Nuance and subtlety flap over too-hot heads like pigeons.


The answer is simple: Lefty blogging got played out. Liberal blogs are sucking for the same reason their rhetoric sounds so stale. The leftern route to blogfame — outrage, predicting wars, ‘let’s get organized,’ vanilla Bush-bashing — has been trammeled and re-trammeled again and again, and now it’s paved, lit, and dotted along the way by Starbucks and McDonalds. Conservative blogs are still blazing their trail. The trademark dry n’ dismissive style you’ll find on Instapundit, Oxblog, Captain’s Quarters, Michelle Malkin and others hasn’t yet become tiresome to jaded eyes, although it will. The Liberal Outrage blogstyle, on the other hand, has been a painful cliche for a while now.

Yes, outrage is so passé. Unless, I suppose, it's directed at sixth-graders who write mean letters to our poor little soldiers in Iraq, in which case we should drop a daisycutter on the school and "ship their Allah-loving little asses back to Syria or wherever they came from."

Or unless some obscure professor makes some offensive comments. Or the Democrats jeer President Bush at the State of the Union. Etc. etc., ad nauseum.

But come on, getting all worked up for a silly little thing like war??? So a few hundred thousand innocents die. They're not Americans, for Chrissake. And anyway, it's not like the president was getting his dick sucked in the oval office.

Thank god we lefties have the right-wing bloggers looking out for us. They always have so much good advice. Maybe if we do what they say, one day we can be just like them.

(Hat tip to the Daou Report.)

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