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I want to kill Instapundit

Instashithead is without question one of the most reprehensible people on the face of the Earth. Atrios refers to him as "The Blogger Who Must Not Be Named". Here are a couple of posts that demonstrate what a total bag of scum Glenn Reynolds is.

First there is this post:

InstaPundit's Afghanistan photo-correspondent, Major John Tammes, sends this report:

"The end of the 10 year drought has been a boon to most here in Afghanistan. However, for some it has not been so great. We are helping the Afghan government with aid for those snowed in up at the higher elevations. Down here at 5000 feet above sea level, the roads have been taking a bit of punishment. On a patrol yesterday, we came across this truck mired in a section of “road”. A couple of minutes hooking up to a winch on one of our HMMVs and a quick pull got them out."

I guess this is that "silent genocide" that Noam Chomsky was talking about. Or maybe it was a transcription error, and instead of "genocide," he said "roadside assistance" . . . .

Yeah, as if four guys helping somebody pull their Jeep out of the mud somehow negates any war crimes the Bush administration might have committed. Idiot. (Hat tip: Pumpkinhead.)

In this one, he is complaining about lefty bloggers outing Jeff "J.D. Guckert, male prostitute" Gannon:

What I don't quite get is when the Left became such a bunch of obsessively puritanical, curtain-peering Gladys Kravitz types. Lighten up, guys! It's only sex, and as we all know, especially post-Clinton, sex, and lying about sex, is no big deal!

You know what, Instadouche? FUCK YOU. The Right has been utilizing smear tactics since time began, and now they're going to whine that the Left isn't being fair to them? SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I should probably be more specific here and stipulate that I am not talking about all conservatives. Conservatism itself is not a wholly unreasonable political orientation (though I think it is incorrect).

But true conservatives are quite rare these days. There's no meaningful sense in which George Bush or Dick Cheney or Karl Rove are conservatives, and the same goes for Instafucktard, Andrew Sullivan, and the maniacs at Little Green Footballs and Free Republic. Rather, they are hyperpartisan extremists, cultists even, and they care about nothing but winning. What they win at is more or less irrelevant.

These hyperpartisans have been sucking each others' dicks for months now because they think they got Dan Rather fired, even though they didn't. But Eason Jordan is gone. Ward Churchill is apparently more of a threat to the country than Osama bin Laden. Henry Hyde publicly accuses George Soros of drug trafficking with no evidence whatsoever. And THEY are whining about the "politics of personal destruction"? After they've tried to make a scandal out of anything they can get their hands on?

They're going to complain about mean old lefties pointing out the fact that the White House was giving a daily pass every day for a year or more to a fake reporter with a fake name from a fake news agency who asked softball questions in order to bail Scott McLellen (I don't know if that's the right spelling and I don't give a shit) out when things got a little too heated for him, and who, on the side, was apparently whoring himself out as a gay military stud -- hey "Jeff", what do you think of the "no fags allowed" policy of the U.S. military? -- all the while professing to be a Christian?

The Left is simply starting to fight back. And we should. Make scandals out of nothing. Sling mud. Destroy reputations. If we had a more gentlemanly group of opponents, maybe we could think about playing fair; as it is, we would be stupid to do that, because they aren't going to.

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