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James Wolcott pisses me off

Because he is a million times the writer I could ever hope to be.

In a post entitled "Lipstick Fascism" (ha!), Wolcott takes note of Ann Coulter's latest gem concerning the Jeff Gannon saga--"Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president"--and speculates regarding what the reaction from the pundocracy would be if he were to make a similar comment:

I wonder what would happen if a writer, say me, were to refer in a Vanity Fair column to "that old Jew Norman Podhoretz" or, naughtier still, "that old Jewess Lucianne Goldberg."

Through the magic of exaggeration, I can just imagine the commotion. Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz would blow their respective lids ... petitions would file in to Vanity Fair demanding that I be fired, or, for penance, be forced to tour Auschwitz with Prince Harry.

Arabs of course are fair game on talk radio and the trash punditry, of which Ann Coulter is stringbean queen. Presumably Helen Thomas's very ancestry, about which I know nothing, makes her an incipient terrorist threat, though presumably commando call boy Jeff Gannon would have been coiled to pounce into action if the octegenarian made any sudden violent moves.

"Commando call boy": that's fucking brilliant!

The bastard.

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