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Libertarian Girl or Russian Mail-Order Bride?

Okay, this gets kind of complicated. Via Scott Scheule's comment on Libertarian Girl's blog comes word that LG may be misrepresenting herself. Or living a double life. See here for details.

Basically, we have an apparent match for LG on a mail-order Russian bride website. See here. Or judge for yourself. Here's LG's picture from her blog:

And here's the pictures from the other site (which includes the above):

Her profile says she is a Taurus, and "a sociable, active lady" who is "fond of sports (swimming, volleyball), dancing and travelling" and "looking for a caring, patient, family-oriented gentleman, serious, non-smoker."

It also describes her language abilities:
English: Level 3, Understands basic written text with help of dictionary, needs complex letters translated.
That I believe. As for the rest, who knows?

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