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More on Condi

Condi Rice is, of course, a huge liar. No wonder the GOPers are tossing her name around as a presidential candidate for '08! The latest evidence can be found at Daily Kos, via Atrios. Seems Rice claimed that in the early days of the Bush administration, no one notified them about the Al Qaeda threat. As it turns out, a mere five days after Bush's inauguration, Richard Clarke wrote Rice a memo saying

We urgently need such a principals-level review on the al Qida [sic] network

(original emphasis). It also stated:

Al Qida is not some narrow, little terrorist issue ... Rather, several of our regional policies need to address centrally the transnational challenge to the U.S. and our interests posed by the Al Qida network.


Seriously, GOP, even you guys can do better than this, surely.

If things keep going the way they have been, Condi's association with Bush is not going to help her chances of getting elected to anything.

And frankly, I wouldn't feel safe with her at the helm.

Rice's press coverage is, on the whole, positive. It's understandable: she's an appealing story in a lot of ways. But if the Right has begun to canonize her, that means it's time for us to tear down that effort before it is too late. Given her almost total lack of talents -- other than obsequiousness and playing the piano -- it shouldn't be that difficult.

Then again, we are dealing with people who managed to turn the colossal fuckup George W. into a superhero, and in true MacGyver fashion at that, using only a bullhorn, a flight suit, and Uncle Karl's knack for political theater.

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