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More on sitemeter

The Defeatist, living up to his name, I guess, sees a downside to bloggers using sitemeter:

For a fledgling blogger like yours truly, the Sitemeter offers only feelings of rejection and isolation. This site, in its infancy at less than a week old, receives few visits. ... Most of those come from random visitors who click on another site a "Next Blog" button identical to that in the toolbar at the top of this site. People are randomly discovering this site, not seeking it out.

I understand the sentiment, but the opposite can happen too. In fact, I started this blog on a total lark, and probably wouldn't have continued posting on it if not for the fact that it was receiving more hits than I would have guessed, which encouraged me to keep posting. Don't get me wrong: I don't get a ton of hits (you can click on the sitemeter logo at the bottom of the page to find out how many). I don't get as many as Libertarian Girl, for instance. I get a bit more than Defeatist, but not by much. But I definitely get more than I ever expected, and I wouldn't know this if it weren't for sitemeter.

Today, though, I also added Stat Counter, after hearing that sitemeter could sometimes give flawed readings. Stat Counter is nice because it allows you to see easily where people are visiting from, and what OS they are using, which is kinda interesting. Even when you're not getting very many hits, it's encouraging to see that people from another continent are checking out what you have to say.

And like Lib Girl said, knowing where your traffic comes from and what kind of posts bring the most traffic can helpfully inform the decisions you make vis-a-vis yer blog.

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