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More racism on the right

This time it's a gem of a post from blogger Kim du Toit. In what has to be one of the sickest and most reprehensible blog posts I've ever read, Kim takes note of the fact that Iranians are preparing for a possible guerilla war in the case of an American invasion--or, as Kim puts it:

another group of radical Islamist ragheads are getting nervous

"Ragheads." Nice. And how does Kim believe the US should respond to this possibility of "asymmetric warefare"?

Considering that I’m busy grieving for a friend killed in just such an “asymmetric warfare” encounter, I’d like the United States to consider conducting a slightly differnent kind of asymmetric warfare. While these asswipes are laying in hidden caches of weapons and supplies of, say, car bombs, here’s the kind of “asymmetric” tactics I’d like to see from our end, if it comes to war with Iran:

And then he displays a gigantic picture of a mushroom cloud, ending his post with the words

Enough fucking around. Let’s end this bullshit.

The lives of the "ragheads" are apparently so expendable to Kim the U.S. should launch an unprovoked nuclear war against Iran. A similar sentiment was expressed by The Anal Philosopher a few days ago with regard to North Korea:

President Bush should make it clear to the North Koreans that if they attack the United States, their people, their culture, and their land will be incinerated. It will be as if they never existed.

Which caused even conservative blogger Max Goss to question Keith's understanding of

Just War Theory's requirement of proportionality or its emphasis on the distinction between aggressors and innocents, not to mention conservatism's worries about unintended consequences.

Which was basically a polite way of saying, are you out of your fucking mind??? Are the lives of foreigners really so worthless in the eyes of some right-wingers? Is it really worth the death of millions of Koreans or Iranians so you can feel like a big man, Keith and Kim?

This kind of rhetoric is absolutely unacceptable. It should not be allowed to become part of the mainstream discourse concerning issues of war and peace. The sentiments expressed in these posts should not be seen as simply a different opinion, but rather as what they are: expressions of racism and contempt for humanity. (Keith, as a philosopher you ought to know better. Remember "act so that you use humanity in your own person, as well as in others, always at the same time as and end in itself and never as a means only," you asshole?)

I have no idea how to account for this unabashed hatred and bloodlust. What gives, boys? Your dicks cannot be that small. There has to be something else.

Otherwise, stop acting like a fucking twelve-year-old with a chip on his shoulder. Real people's lives are stake when the Bush administration makes its military decisions. Not the "enemy"; not a bunch of "ragheads"; real fucking people whose lives matter, and who don't deserve to be the target of such sickening and deranged rhetoric.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

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