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Right-wingers aren't always stupid

As evidenced by this post by James K. Hat, in which he refutes the idea that class action lawsuits hurt consumers:

President Bush is going to sign a bill that would severely restrict class action lawsuits. I know that the reaction of most people is to say "good, lawyers are scum," but I don't think that those people fully understand how beneficial the class action lawsuit is to most consumers.

I'm not saying that there aren't problems with the class action system, but people should understand that the advent of the class action suit was a huge triumph for the consumer. Today, many seem to be trying to cast the class-action suit as somehow being "anti-consumer," saying that "we all pay for these huge judgments, so we should all stop them." Please - that argument is a bit like saying "we all pay to house and feed criminals, so we should stop putting criminals in prison."

The fact is, companies lose class actions when they rip-of consumers. Severely restricting or eliminating the class action will once again give companies license to do exactly that, without fear of reprisal.

Now, if only James would recognize that giving corporations license to rip off consumers without fear of reprisal is the essence of the GOP agenda!

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