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Social Security

Libertarian Girl has a post about Social Security, and one of her readers comments:
I'd be happy if they just let me opt out of Social Security. I'd write off every cent that I've already paid if they'd just stop taking money away from me.

I suppose you'd like to "opt out" of income tax too. And why not sales tax while we're at it? And property tax?

Social Security is not some kind of forced savings account, which is how a lot of people seem to see it. It's a service that the government provides, and collects taxes in order to fund.

In that regard, it is the same as any other government program, like welfare, or public education, or the military.

If conservatives want to argue for the abolition of that program, that's fine; but they need to make an argument that goes beyond, "I want to have the choice to opt out!" Such an argument makes no more sense with regard to social security than it does with any other government spending. You don't get to "opt out" of any taxes.

The problem is, right-wingers know they can't argue against the program on its own merits, because it is actually an incredibly popular program, and one which the majority of U.S. citizens support.

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