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Successors to pseudo-hot female libertarian blogger throne

In the wake of the exposure of Libertarian Girl's ruse, the race is on to replace what apparently is a reasonably significant niche in the blogosphere, that of a female, young, attractive-for-a-blogger, right-winger.

So far there seem to be three front-runners:

Jacqueline Passey
, who is openly campaigning for the job:

for those of you disappointed by the revelation that Libertarian Girl isn't really a girl, you can get your fix of libertarian girl politics and economics here instead. :)

In this post she assures all of us that she is truly a female, and apparently also a libertarian.Like Libertarian Girl, Jacqueline has her picture prominently displayed on her blog, but unlike LG, offers sources that establish the veracity of the picture.

Dadahead is opposed to Jacqueline Passey succeeding Libertarian Girl for two reasons. First of all, she is, while not unattractive, certainly not the kind of jack-off material that LG apparently was. Second, she has a ridiculous and discriminatory policy on her blog that does not allow me to comment there, as she is convinced that I am using a pseudonym, even though I assured her I was not.

Another candidate is Sara Swart. Unlike Jackie, Sara is not only not campaigning for the job, but her blog has actually been defunct since November of last year. But there is a burgeoning movement to draft her, led by Eric Cowperthwaite.

Dadahead is reserving judgment on this one, as I have not yet had a chance to read any of her posts.

The remaining candidate is Libertarian Girl. Having been outed, she is looking for a way back in:

I’m certain that I have what it takes to get a blog into the A-list, so long as there’s a picture of a beautiful young woman on the sidebar. Once we get into the A-list, there will be media opportunities and book deals.

All you have to do is supply photos and be available whenever a real person is needed. Otherwise, I’ll run the blog and pretend to be you
Whether or not this admittedly Milli Vanilli-ish scheme can work or not is unclear. However, she is a sentimental favorite on the part of yours truly, since the only reason this blog exists is because I visited LG's site, wanted to post a comment, but had to sign up with blogger to do so. After I signed up, I figured, hey, what the hell, I might as well start a blog. So Libertarian Girl will always hold a place in my heart.

So those are the contenders, until and unless someone else throws her hat in the ring. It should to be an interesting competition!

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