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For me and Jacqueline Passey, who has decided to end her discriminatory policy of deleting comments from her blog by posters whose name she deems "not real." In her words:

I instituted the no anonymous/pseudonymous comments policy in the hopes that it would reduce the number of abusive posts, as people would only post what they were willing to sign their real name to. As my blog has grown in popularity this has become far too time-consuming to explain and enforce.

Plus, it was a flawed policy to begin with, as there was never any way of determining whether or not someone was using their real name. If I went over there and posted under the name "Joe Smith" she wouldn't delete my comments, even though that is of course not my real name.

Her new policy seems like a reasonable one:

What I will do is just arbitrarily delete comments from assholes.

Every blogger should reserve the right to do this, I suppose. I never delete comments, even ones that are abusive toward me -- in fact, if you scroll down a bit and look at the sidebar, you can see some examples of them. But I can imagine scenarios where I would delete a comment -- for example, if someone started using overtly racist language. Or if they threatened to kill another blogger. (Only I can do that.)

So the reason this is a victory for me is because I have been agitating for such a change, and because now I can post comments on Jackie's blog (I like to call her "Jackie"). Which is, of course, a treat, because she is a very nice lady.

And it is a victory for Jackie because I can now heartily endorse her candidacy to succeed Libertarian Girl! With the all-important dadahead endorsement, she should be a shoo-in.

Although she could ruin it with too many more posts like this one, wherein, after resolving to give up men entirely for the next six months, she exclaims:

Hey! It just occured to me that I don't need to shave my legs for the next six months... just think of all the time and money I'll save. So I suppose every cloud really DOES have a silver lining! :)

That is not a pretty picture. One libertarian girl with hairy legs is enough.

More posts about naked blogging, on the other hand, and you'll make everyone forget all about a certain Russian mail-order bride.

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