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Well this is interesting

Anal / Conservative Philosopher Keith Burgess-Jackson has kind words for Noam Chomsky!
I just read Chomsky's essay "Simple Truths, Hard Problems." His main complaint is that the United States and other "enlightened nations" don't play by the same rules they impose on others. This is a reasonable complaint, in my opinion. The United States should never support dictators, even when it's in our interest to do so. We should stand on principle. Chomsky loves his country. He simply wants his country to do right.

I have really got to hand it to Burgess-Jackson. This is by far the most intellectually honest thing I have ever heard a self-professed conservative say about Chomsky. Most on the Right can't stop themselves from smearing Chomsky with all sorts of obscene lies, as uberwanker Andrew Sullivan did on Bill Maher's HBO show, when he accused Chomsky of having supported the Soviet Union, which of course he did not. (Incidentally, Sullivan also, at the end of the show when the guests and Maher stood around chatting, performed a bizarre butt-rubbing ritual right there on camera.)

So mad props to KBJ -- proof that not every right-winger is a total prick. Some are just part-time pricks! (Just kidding, of course.)

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