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Who cares about a few amputations?

Over at The Anit-Idiotarian Rottweiler, they are tired of all the bitching about soldiers losing limbs:

Among Iraq War veterans as a group, yes, lower-leg amputations have gone up, even surged, and I would guess roughly five-fold over the expected rate from traffic accidents, but only among Iraq War veterans.


There may be a rise in overall US amputations, but it's a hundred times more due to Americans' fondness for chocolate ├ęclairs than the conflict in Iraq. Put another way, for each lower-limb amputation you can blame on Bush's "rush to war", 1,600 other lower-limb amputations can be blamed on unlucky genes, bad driving, and donuts.

It's so inspiring how right-wingers are so supportive of "the troops." They're always putting things in perspective for everybody!

You know what? I bet more people have died in non-war-related-activity over the last year than have died in the Iraq war. I bet it's way more. But you won't hear that on CNN, no sir.

So really, what are all the damn peaceniks bitching about?

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