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Why does David Shuster hate America?

Via Crooks and Liars, we have what might be a first -- a mainstream journalist calling the GOP on their bullshit!

MSNBC "correspondent" David Shuster tells us what he thinks about House Republicans' show of "solidarity" with the Iraqi people -- i.e., their ridiculous stunt of showing up at the SOTU address with their fingers stained with ink, a la the voters in the recent Iraq election:

The courage of ordinary Iraqis last Sunday was unmistakable. They were literally risking their lives by standing in line to vote and by getting their fingers stamped with ink. The members of Congress who stained their own fingers and wagged them proudly for the cameras were an affront to that courage ... if members of Congress want to show "solidarity" with the Iraqi people... they are welcome to head to Baghdad, put on a flak jacket, and help/advise the new assembly on writing the constitution. Or, our lawmakers could serve as "election monitors" in Iraq when the constitution is put to a vote as early as this fall.

Something tells me we won't be seeing this happen any time soon.

It would be nice if this sentiment by Shuster weren't buried on the MSNBC group blog; the blatant hypocrisy of the GOP should have been pointed out on the evening news. But I'll take it.

Republicans are becoming experts at exploiting the struggles and sufferings of others in order to score political points. The audacity of holding their convention in New York, very near September 11, and then basically reveling in the tragedy the whole time was proof of that. This latest stunt merely demonstrates that they've learned to adapt their parasitic exploitation as circumstances warrant.

Clever little bastards, these ones are.

We may be doomed.

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