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Words of wisdom

Libertarian Girl shares the lessons she's learned from her experiment in internet deception/satire:
One thing I learned from this blog is how easy attractive woman have it. When I had a blog as my real self, no one linked to me, no one left any comments, it was as if the blog existed in a vacuum. But things were different for Libertarian Girl. Every day I’d check Technorati and discover new unsolicited links. It was like I had warped into an alternate universe where all the rules had changed. At the rate things were happening, this would have been an A-list blog in a few more months.


People who are attractive have an easy time going through life and derive far too many advantages from the status quo to ever question it.

In the comments section, Apesnake takes issue with this claim, saying
There are plenty of mentally ill, or worse, intelligent people that also happen to attractive.

and then adding one of the best lines I've heard in quite a while:

Just because everyone wants to sleep with you doesn't mean the shit of this world suddenly smells like rose water.


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