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Creationists: you are worthless

Via World O' Crap, this Washington Post article confirms what we already knew: that the "intelligent design" movement is an attempt to advance the social agenda of Christian right-wing fundamentalism:

Propelled by a polished strategy crafted by activists on America's political right, a battle is intensifying across the nation over how students are taught about the origins of life. Policymakers in 19 states are weighing proposals that question the science of evolution.


The growing trend has alarmed scientists and educators who consider it a masked effort to replace science with theology. But 80 years after the Scopes "monkey" trial -- in which a Tennessee man was prosecuted for violating state law by teaching evolution -- it is the anti-evolutionary scientists and Christian activists who say they are the ones being persecuted, by a liberal establishment.

They are acting now because they feel emboldened by the country's conservative currents and by President Bush, who angered many scientists and teachers by declaring that the jury is still out on evolution. Sharing strong convictions, deep pockets and impressive political credentials -- if not always the same goals -- the activists are building a sizable network.

Okay, that's scary.

A prominent effort is underway in Kansas, where the state Board of Education intends to revise teaching standards. That would be progress, Southern Baptist minister Terry Fox said, because "most people in Kansas don't think we came from monkeys."

Well ... they're in luck, then, because evolution says no such thing! Problem solved, right?

The movement is "steadily growing," said Eugenie C. Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, which defends the teaching of evolution. "The energy level is new. The religious right has had an effect nationally. Now, by golly, they want to call in the chits."

Okay, what the fuck are 'chits'?

The efforts are not limited to schools. From offices overlooking Puget Sound, Meyer is waging a careful campaign to change the way Americans think about the natural world ...

Meyer said the institute accepts money from such wealthy conservatives as Howard Ahmanson Jr., who once said his goal is "the total integration of biblical law into our lives," and the Maclellan Foundation, which commits itself to "the infallibility of the Scripture."


To fundamentalist Christians, Fox said, the fight to teach God's role in creation is becoming the essential front in America's culture war. The issue is on the agenda at every meeting of pastors he attends. If evolution's boosters can be forced to back down, he said, the Christian right's agenda will advance.

"If you believe God created that baby, it makes it a whole lot harder to get rid of that baby," Fox said. "If you can cause enough doubt on evolution, liberalism will die."

For Christ's sake. I cannot believe this battle even has to be fought. As World O' Crap said:

And once you get rid of the scientific method, we can all live happily in the Dark Ages again! You didn't see many liberals there, did you?

Yeah, but just wait until they have to suffer through another plague. Then they'll be coming to all us liberals and scienticians wanting help. "Cure us!" they'll say. "We have the plague!"

Sorry, Jack. Why don't you just say a prayer instead?

Oh yeah, I know why. I learned all about God and prayer and stuff from a self-help book by one Oswald T. Pratt. His words of wisdom on the subject of religion include:

When you pray, no one is listening. Furthermore, you look ridiculous.

Attention, Christians: In the Gospel According to Luke, Jesus promises his followers that he will return from the dead during their lifetimes and bring God's kingdom to Earth. He's running a little late. But keep waiting, he's sure to come any day now.

Every time someone says, "Thank you, God, for answering my prayer," there are a lot more people saying, "God, where were you when I needed you?"

When the chips are down, and you really need God's help, He's not going to be there for you, because He doesn't exist. But hey, maybe Santa will show up.

And perhaps most relevantly:

If it weren't for science, the pope would probably still be torturing people who thought the earth revolved around the sun.

Careful ... don't give them any ideas.

Oh, by the way, in case anyone was wondering whether the theory of "Intelligent Design" has any merit--you can see a decisive refutation of ID here. (WARNING: Not for the squeamish.)

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