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File under: eternal mysteries

Socialist Swine ponders one of nature's greatest conundrums:

Despite all the biology courses I took as an undergraduate (I took my fair share) and all the biology journals that I peruse as part of my current research, there is one biological mystery that I have not learned the answer to. Why are humans the only species that needs to wipe its ass.

For speculation about the answer -- possibilities apparently include a low-fiber diet, different "butt structure," and the human inability to lick its own ass -- see the rest of the post.

For a more esoteric feces-related philosophical puzzle, see the discussion amongst philosophical types about this riddle:

If you had to choose, would you rather eat poo-flavored-chocolate or chocolate-flavored-poo?

Someone with too much time on his or her hands could probably come up with a funny list of how all the canonical philosophers would answer this.

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