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George W. Bush, sustainer of life itself

Mark Noonan at Blogs for Bush directs our attention to a story that ought to make all those Bush-bashers on the left think again:

This is just gonna make the liberals go into a funk:

ATLANTA, Georgia (Reuters) -- Americans are living longer than ever largely because of declining death rates from heart disease, cancer and stroke, the federal government said Monday.

Average life expectancy in the United States rose to a record 77.6 years in 2003 from 77.3 years in 2002, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And here we had been believing those liberals when they were telling us that everything is going to hell in a handbasket. Guess what? If we're living longer it means that life is getting better. Got that? Better. Things are better than they were before - "before", in this case, being before President Bush took office.

Wow. I had been rather dismayed at the way things were going--you know, perpetual war, shitty economy, creeping fascism--but I hadn't noticed this story. Let's see ... 77.6 minus 77.3 equals .3 ... that's, like, three and a half months of extra life! Of course, you'll never hear this reported in the liberal media; all they care about is the life expectancy of Islamic terrorists.

Mark didn't mention specifically which of Bush's policies have led to this all-but-miraculous three and a half extra months, so I assume it's just a function of the warm fuzzy feeling that all of us true Americans get whenever we reflect on how lucky we are to have a man like George W. in the White House, looking out for all of us, making sure we are tucked in at night, snug in our beds and content in the knowledge that somewhere, tonight, a foreigner is dying, and in the morning we will be that much safer.

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