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GOP Nannies

More hypocrisy from GOP Bloggers. Mark Noonan, pissed about a potential New Jersey law which would ban smoking inside private organizations, says that the "Nanny State" has struck again:

You can't have half of liberty; we are either free, or we are not free. The arguments for bans on activities in places you don't have to go in are all nonsense from start to finish. You can say that you have a right to not breath cigarette smoke; and, you're right...but your rights do not include the ability to tell your fellow citizens what things they may or may not do in a place you don't have to go in.

That's interesting. I can only assume that Mark would feel the same way about bans on sodomy, drug use, etc.

Seriously, how the fuck does someone live with this kind of cognitive dissonance? You'd think the guy's brain would explode or something. (We should be so lucky.)

Next on GOP Bloggers: "Welfare is bad; poor people shouldn't rely on government handouts. On an unrelated note: Congress--can we get some more corporate subsidies and tax breaks, people?"

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