Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.


I am a moonbat

One of the wingnuts' favorite anti-lefty slurs is moonbat. See here, for example. I'm not clear exactly on the etymology of the word, and I'm not sure why it is supposed to be taken as an insult. I rather like the phrase: moonbat. It conjures up a nice image, no?

Chris at Creek Running North agrees that we lefties should embrace the term:

In any event, we're being called "moonbats" and we might as well revel in it. We like the moon, and bats are cool, and it's cool to watch bats when the moon is out, and so I kind of take being called "moonbat" the same way I'd take being called "aurora borealis" or "Quadrantid meteor shower" or "chupacabra" or anything else cool that you might see outside after the sun goes down.

He has even designed a nifty moonbat logo:

Neat-o. I am a moonbat, and proud of it!

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