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Krazy Keith at it again

For anyone who hasn't been paying attention to this particular soap opera, Keith Burgess-Jackson is a "philosopher" who blogs as AnalPhilosopher, and a few months ago started The Conservative Philosopher, a group blog for philosophers who are also political conservatives (hence the name). He is also completely insane. To catch up, go here, then here, and then here.
The flameout of The Conservative Philosopher is almost impressive, in kind of the same way Michael Jackson's is. But it seems as though a desperate KBJ is still trying to salvage things. From TCP:

I started this blog two months ago ... In two months, there have been 33,200 visitors. At that rate, there would be almost 200,000 visits in the first year. A while back, I predicted a million. We'll see. We would have to get a lot of links for that to happen. But we're not in this for money or glory. We're in it to fill a blogospheric niche.

Hmm...but isn't there another group blog written by conservative philosophers? What's so special about yours, Keith?

This is the only blog, to my knowledge, where all the contributors are both credentialed philosophers and political conservatives.

Ahh ... all of TCP's contributors are credentialed, stamped with the Official Philosophers Guild seal of approval. What Keith means is that they all have Ph.D.'s in philosophy--as opposed to the blatantly uncredentialed Right Reason, where only 16 of the 17 contributors have Ph.D.'s. You heard me right--one of them is only ABD!! Ha! Why do they even bother?!?

You may have noticed that not everyone who's listed as a member posts on a regular basis, but all assure me that they intend to. Some are extremely busy at this time of year.

Translation: KBJ is the only person who bothers to post anymore. Of the 20 posts on the front page of TCP (as of this post), 18 of them are his.

You may have noticed that only a handful of the many members of Left2Right post. Some have never posted.

In other words: They do it too!

By the way, how many readers would be interested in posting comments if I reenable them? The reason I disabled comments a month or so ago is that I was unable to control them. One reader, Matthew Mullins, who has a longstanding grudge against me for kicking him off my Ethics of War blog (to which he contributed nothing of any value), kept posting a hateful comment. Every time I deleted it, he reposted it. Finally, in exasperation, I disabled all comments. But Dr Bill Vallicella(aka Maverick Philosopher) recently moved to PowerBlogs. He informs me that I can make people sign up before allowing them to comment. This will allow me to keep creeps like Mullins out. What say you?

What say me? I say you're not being nearly careful enough, Keith. You should probably have commenters go ahead and submit their names, addresses, and Social Security numbers. Maybe a small deposit at well? Say, $50? Or perhaps a quick DNA swab, just for good measure.

UPDATE: Keith has apparently decided in favor of re-enabling commenting:

Bear with me as I work out the kinks, and please take the time to get approved once the comment function is ready. Requiring readers to jump through a few hoops (once!) will make the blog a civil, stimulating, and (I hope)intellectually productive place--which is what I wanted from the outset. Once you're approved, you should be able to post quickly and easily, as often as you like.

Sweet! But, oh how I dread the nervous hours (days? weeks?) waiting to see if I am approved!

(You do think he'll approve me, right?)

In the meantime, I'll have to settle for that 'other' conservative philosophy blog, Right Reason, where, by the way, you'll find intellectually provocative and rigorous discussion--for those of you who care about silly things like that.

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