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Lesbianism explained

A blogger who calls himself HuckleMuffin (who seems to be only semi-literate, so give him a break) gives us the low-down on our Sapphic sisters:

WEll, as many men thin ktehy know, Lesbians are suppsoedly a "gift to mankind"
And who woudltn complain. Two beautiful women who want each other sexually sounds incredibly attractive.

Or does it?

Lets think about this one. If a woman's a lesbian. that means that no matter what, you don't have a chance with her ... And wahts so hot aobtu two chicks? There's n oaction. i mean naked girls are nice, but two of them tryign to find a way to please themselves is little mroe tham utual masturbation.

Now al lthese points still make it sound pretty alright, but now here's the kicker:


Most lesbians are not very hot. in fact they usually are mildly masculine.
Now why woudl that be?
OH YEAH! THEY'RE LESBIANS and that means that they don't want guys.
They like to dress up like lesbians. T
Nwo how am i sure of this?
I've never met an actual hot lesbian ever.
I've seen a couple of lesbians, but they werent hot.

... here are soem warning signs to ensure that you don't mistake a straight girl for a hot lesbian again.

So you see a girl lookign hot wearing a boy's shirt or something. . . WRONG! she's straight.
Now if you see a woman playing with boys on a boys team in sports, theres a much better chance of her being a lesbian.

Ok, now you see two women jogging together, nice. . . you think, i see them holdign hands. maybe they're lesbians!
Now if you are in a weight room and you see two women pumping more iron than most of the guys in the room. And they're grunting like beasts. Those might be lesbians.

For the record, I have known many quite attractive lesbians.

(Hat tip: The East Commons Family)

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