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Michelle Malkin: you are a freak

M & M detects a liberal bias in press coverage of the Schiavo case:

... the mainstream media has ignored the amazing stories of pro-life activists who have been keeping vigil outside Terri Schiavo's hospice ... Instead, we get pieces like this Associated Press report--which treats pro-life activists as freaks and editorializes disapprovingly that demonstrators have brought children "some too young to truly understand why they are there."

For millions of Americans of faith of all ages, standing up for the sanctity of life is not just an empty slogan--but a deeply-held principle put into action daily. The MSM had ample opportunity to tell the stories of some of the inspiring people who have stood vigil outside Terri Schiavo's hospice. Instead, as they have done throughout this ordeal, they looked the other way.

Let's see ... according to the AP story that Malkin refers to, one of the children at the "vigil" was "7-year-old Hannah Donahue" who wore "a piece of red tape emblazoned with the word 'LIFE' plastered across her mouth and an orange sign on her chest bearing the word 'JAIL.' "

Now you tell me, Michelle: do you really think that a fucking 7-year-old understands this issue? I realize that your own thought hasn't progressed all that much since you were that age, but believe it or not, some moral dilemmas are too complicated for seven-year-olds to fully comprehend.

As for the "inspiring people" with "amazing stories" who are among the protesters: would that include Scott Heldreth?

As protests outside the hospice housing Terri Schiavo in her final days mounted last week, numerous newspaper reports, many based on an Associated Press account, mentioned or quoted 10-year-old Joshua Heldreth and/or his father, Scott Heldreth. Josh was one of several youngsters arrested for crossing police lines in Pinellas Park, Fla., in an effort to take water to Schiavo.

None of the stories revealed that Scott Heldreth, a religious activist and anti-abortion crusader, is a registered sex offender in Florida-- until The Charlotte Observer mentioned it on Sunday.

A widely published AP story on Sunday by Allen G. Breen had painted a warmer picture of the Heldreths, noting that it was young Josh who insisted that his father take him to the protests from their home in North Carolina, not the other way around. "God's with me," Josh said.

The article continued: "Scott Heldreth, a veteran of the Operation Rescue and Operation Save America campaigns against abortion, didn't intend to join this fight, until his son asked to be brought to Pinellas Park. 'My wife and I, we felt like if God really put it on his heart, we should come down, to allow him to live out what God had put on his heart,' says Heldreth, a carpenter.”

The story said some of the children at the protest carried signs accusing Terry Schiavo’s husband of murdering her and urging that he be sent to jail.

The Charlotte Observer story, however, revealed that Heldreth had pleaded guilty to sexual battery, was in jail for parts of 1992 and 1993, according to court records, and served time on probation.


According to the story, Heldreth claimed that his religious beliefs came to him while in jail. Before then, he said, "I basically agreed with everyone trying to kill Terri Schiavo." Then, he said, he accepted Christ and turned his life around.

Heldreth declined to discuss the specifics of the incident that led to his jail time. Online research shows that Heldreth was arrested after an incident at Ohio University and charged with two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping.

All emphasis mine. All stupidity Malkin's.

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