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What was I thinking?

I've added Capitalist Pig vs. Socialist Swine to my prestigious and exclusive blogroll. I don't know why the hell it wasn't there already, because it is an excellent site. I think I was initially confused as to whether it should be classified under "Allies" or "Adversaries". But Socialist Swine seems to do most of the posting there, so I'll go ahead and file it under Allies.

Anyway, this unforgivable omission is hereby rectified. If you don't already read the Swine's blog, I highly recommend it.


Bloglines sucks

Anyone who uses Bloglines as an aggregator to read all yer favorite blogs, beware: it sucks.

You can't trust it. Often, sites are updated, but Bloglines doesn't tell you. Even when you tell it to display all posts from the last 24, or 48, or 72, or whatever, hours, new posts don't always show up.


Firefox rocks

If you're not already using Firefox as your browser, I recommend switching over. I know this is a touchy issue, so let me say that I don't think Firefox is obviously or decidedly superior to IE. But I do think, all told, Firefox is the better choice--especially if you are a blogger. The little toolbar that lets you instantly search not only google, but also Wikipedia,, amazon, and others, is incredibly handy. And tabbed browsing is also awfully handy if, like me, you like to keep a lot of pages open at the same time.

If you do use Firefox, you should also add the Tab Mix extension, which gives the tab function more versatility.

If you don't want to switch away from Internet Explorer, I highly recommend augmenting it with Avant Browser, an IE 'update,' which keeps the IE look and feel but gives you something very similar to tabbed browsing.

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