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New conservative philosopher blog

This one not run by a lunatic!

This blog will include posts from Max Goss and other non-sociopathic conservatives.

Well, I mean, they're still conservatives, but you know what I mean.

Check it out:

Right Reason

P.S.: On this blog, discussion/debate is apparently encouraged; the inaugural post promises that "comments are and always will be enabled." Unlike some other conservative philosopher blogs we know of.

Apparently the proprietor of the original conservative philosopher blog, the aforementioned lunatic, a.k.a. Keith Burgess-Jackson, is worried about the new competition:

WhatÂ’s distinctive about this blog is that all of its members are professional, credentialed philosophers, with either the Ph.D. or the D.Phil. in hand. There are no philosophy students or ABDs in our ranks.

Well la-di-da!

Keith, I hate to break this to you, but the fact that you have a Ph.D. just makes your complete lack of philosophical acumen all the more embarrassing.

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