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No Gore in '08

Chris Matthews says Al Gore will not be running for president in 2008:

The 2008 Presidential campaign will not include Al Gore. I'm reporting tonight that the former Vice President and 2000 Democratic Presidential nominee will not run for President. I've been given this scoop from a perfect source who informed me that the purpose of this disclosure at this time is to end speculation about a campaign that will never occur.

So, now that Al Gore is out... what does this mean for the likely 2008 battle between Hillary and John Kerry?

I don't know how Gore's absence would affect that particular race, but if it did come down to Kerry v. Hillary, I would strongly prefer that Kerry be the nominee.

(But what about Howard Dean? Or John Edwards?)

I was surprised when Gore announced he wouldn't run in '04, and I'm surprised by this. Especially in '04, when Gore would have been the heavy favorite. It's just odd to see a politician acting like he doesn't want the presidency. Most of these guys are drooling at the prospect of the Oval Office.

Maybe he's biding his time and plans to run in 2012 or something.

(Hat tip to the invaluable Daou Report.)

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