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Pot kettle black

The wingnutters at Dummocrats (clever, eh?) are upset about comment made on a recent news program about the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother by white-power extremists:

I was just watching a Fox News panel of experts opine on the tragedy that was thrust upon Judge Lefkow and her family. On the panel was one Geoffrey Fieger, an expert criminal defense attorney from Detroit. In sharing his opinion that proud white supremacist Matthew Hale and his followers were behind the murders, the good Counselor just couldn't resist pushing a tired political agenda, making statements to the effect:

"these right wing organizations need to be stopped... these right wing organizations are terrorists, domestic terrorists!"

To Fieger, white supremacists, terrorists, and the right wing are all one and the same.

What an idiot.

This from people who won't differentiate between Osama bin Laden and Katie Couric, for Christ's sake.

(Via Daou Report.)

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