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Pro-life or anti-sex?

Yesterday, I mentioned that a number of those advocating for Terri Schiavo's being kept alive via feeding tube seem to be almost as outraged at the fact that her husband Michael has gone on to have children with another woman as they are that he is trying to have her life support removed. Here are some examples of this:

The virtually complete silence from women's and victims' rights activists--particularly in a society that claims to abhor spousal abuse--is mind boggling. Where is the National Organization for Women? Why haven't they condemned Michael Schiavo as a philandering pig who has fathered two children to a mistress while Terri--the woman he is married to--is denied her most basic civil and human rights? (Renew America)

you have commited criminal acts AGAINST TERRI (poligamy, adultery), and no matter what your lawyer tells you, no matter what the judges tell you, and because of your criminal acts against terri, you have NO RIGHT to kill her. (Modblog)

her unfaithful husband wants her dead so he can marry his gf that he has had children with already. what an asshole. he won't divorce her because he is "devout catholic". yea well if he was devout he wouldn't be sleeping with other women ... her husband needs to rot in hell for not keeping his balls in his pants. (Hello World)

Her family has offered the adulterous bastard a divorce. He won't accept it. He claims he needs to get on with his life (his mistress and his not one but TWO children born since would suggest he's already done so, Terri notwithstanding) and that he's doing what Terri would want. He even tried to cite Terri's religious beliefs -- Catholicism -- as a reason why he wouldn't divorce her. He doesn't seem to care what the church thinks about feeding tubes NOT being removed even from the comatose (and Terri is definitley not comatose) or what the church thinks about adultery and illegitimate children. (Original Musings)

technically, it probably is not murder -- unless the law is changed. It appears the Florida legislature is in the process of doing exactly that. However, Michael, you DO live with another woman, and you DO have two children by that woman ... you ARE an adulterer. (Random Thoughts)

Schiavo's totally in the bag with the middlemen of death, including financially. "No amount of money anyone can offer will cause him to turn his back on his wife," Felos says. Nothing but the previous hundreds of thousands he's already received and spent. Nothing other than the little lady he's living with and the two illegitimate children he's had through adultery with her. (Baylyblog)

Isn't this exactly the sort of case that prompted repeal of adultery laws? How cruel and heartless of society (it was said) to make it a crime for a man whose wife is permanently incapacitated to seek a little satisfaction elsewhere. Yet the effect is that a man in a sexual relationship with another woman can still claim the rights of a husband with respect to his legal wife. I have long found it curious that so few conservatives publicly call for the reinstatement of adultery laws, because to me there is a clear "seamless garment" argument to be made connecting the legalization of adultery with the decline of marriage (indeed it's more obvious than the problem with "gay" marriage). Personally I would favor making adultery a low-grade misdemeanor. (Carnage and culture)

Michael stands to gain something when Terri dies, right? I mean, beyond the ability to marry his shack-up floozy who gave birth to their bastard children? (Catholic Light)

I suppose you all would rather that Michael continued to have sex with Terri in her current state? That's kind of sick, don't you think?

I'm not saying that this anti-sex sentiment is the motive behind anyone who wants Terri kept alive; I'm sure there are any number of well-intentioned individuals who couldn't care less about her husband's "adultery" and just sincerely believe that removing her feeding tube would be wrong. But it seems clear that there are just as many whose motivation is biblical, not moral.

(By the way, note that the idea of outlawing sex outside of marriage is advocated by many of the Religious Right. Republican-voting libertarians: this is who you have allied yourselves with!)

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