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Saint George

GOPers love to claim that the Bush administration is responsible for every good thing that happens anywhere in the world--even, for instance, a three-month increase in life expectancy. Fine, whatever.

But it's really kind of insulting when they try to give Bush credit for the courageous actions of others. Earlier this year, we saw House Republicans show up at the State of the Union address with their fingers stained in ink, as a show of "solidarity" with Iraqi voters. NBC's David Shuster called bullshit on that particular stunt:

The courage of ordinary Iraqis last Sunday was unmistakable. They were literally risking their lives by standing in line to vote and by getting their fingers stamped with ink. The members of Congress who stained their own fingers and wagged them proudly for the cameras were an affront to that courage ... if members of Congress want to show "solidarity" with the Iraqi people... they are welcome to head to Baghdad, put on a flak jacket, and help/advise the new assembly on writing the constitution. Or, our lawmakers could serve as "election monitors" in Iraq when the constitution is put to a vote as early as this fall.

Now, the sociopaths at Little Green Footballs are attempting to co-opt the recent popular protests in Morocco as more evidence of the greatness of Our Leader. The protestors were demanding the release of several hundred Moroccan soldiers being held in Algeria:

Rabat-Tens of thousands of Moroccans hailing from different parts of Morocco marched in Rabat to express their support for the Moroccans still detained in the Tindouf camps. They urged the United Nations and the international community to press on Algeria to set the prisoners free.

The March was organized by Collectif Watanouna - set up on January 20- calling on international organizations to "intervene to put an end to the sufferings of families and children, who are separated from their mothers, and to release all Moroccans held in Tindouf."

These Moroccans were emprisoned for more than 25 years, following the artificial struggle over the Moroccanity of Southern Moroccan provinces. This struggle opposes Morocco to the Algerian-backed Polisario Front, which has tried to separate the provinces, known as Moroccan Sahara.

Moroccan associations from all over the country, leaders of some Moroccan parties and Moroccan artists participated in this March. They chanted slogans accusing Algeria of maiming and killing Moroccan soldiers and civilians, violating the international law and Geneva Agreement for the treatment of prisoners of war.

The LGFers' take on this?

Come on, moonbats. Say it with me now. You can do it. "Thank you, George W. Bush."

One more time. "Thank you, George W. Bush."

Keep practicing and eventually you won't feel any psychic agony whatsoever when you utter these words.

Right. So tens of thousands of ordinary people take to the street to protest, and we're handing out kudos to ... George W. Bush?

I wonder if they even noticed that the Moroccans were protesting against Algeria's violation of "international law and Geneva Agreement for the treatment of prisoners of war." Surely the LGFers can't sympathize with the protestors on this issue; otherwise, why is it that whenever anyone protests the Bush administration's human rights violations, they are accused of treason?

But silly me; what am I doing pointing out inconsistencies in Republican rhetoric? They've long since demonstrated their indifference to the law of non-contradiction.

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