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That makes sense

From Atrios:

Prosecutors alleged Wednesday that a well-known carpenter and former Christian school leader strangled his wife so he could pursue relationships with other women.

"It's very clear that ... divorce was not an option, that it was frowned upon by the Lord, he believed," Assistant Dist. Atty. Brandon Jones said. "This was the easier way out for him, rather than divorce."

At the time of his wife's death, Martin K. "Marty" Miller, 46, was advertising himself on Internet dating sites and having an affair with a woman [Carole Parbs] he'd met in an online adult chat room, according to testimony at Miller's preliminary hearing in District Court.


Miller would come to her home for a liaison after telling his wife he was going to Bible study at Fred Peters' house, Parbs said.

Eventually the couple talked about getting married. Parbs said she became involved in the Millers' church and school activities.

But Miller told her that if he got a divorce, he could lose his position on the Veritas board of directors, lose his home and shop, and have a rift with his daughter, she said.

"He knew that according to scriptures, God was very much against divorce," Parbs said.

Whole story is here.

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